Coco-Happy provides temporary Day-care Service for children

*Address : 225-0003 Yokohama-shi Aoba-ku Shin-ishikawa 2-14-2 Sabbath-Tamaplaza 102
*Access : 10 mins walk from Azamino / Tamaplaza station, Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line

*Registration and reservation in advance are required.
Please contact us for information. (Phone: 045-507-6872 Mon to Fri 12:30-15:00)
*Eligible children: From 2 months old to 6 years old

1.Time & Price
(1) ・Childcare service time: Weekdays from 8:30 ~16:30
・Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, New Year holidays
・Please refrain from signing in and out during 10:00-12:00, as it is our outdoor activity time.
・Within 15 days or 120 hours per month
(2) ・Daycare fee: 300 yen / hour (16:30~ 500 yen / 30 mins)

2. Reservation and Cancellation
(1) ・Only registered members can make telephone reservation. (12:30-15:00)
・Reservations accepted two weeks in advance. (Available in units of 30 mins)
・First day stay is limited to 3 hours.
・Please be reminded that our capacity is limited up to 15 children.
But in case of emergency, please contact us.
(2) ・Any cancellation or changes of time, please inform us by 15:00 of two days before.
Saturday Sunday, and public holidays are not included. That means, you need to let us know by previous Thursday of cancellation or changes of time for Monday reservations (We do not accept same day change of time notification.)
・Cancellation Fee:
Cancellation of the previous day : Half of the day care fee (max 1,000yen)
Cancellation of the same day: Day care fee for reservation time (max 1,000yen)
・Please inform us of late arrival. (Fees charged from reservation time)
3. Others
・ Please make sure to take your child’s temperature before coming to the facility.
・ Please note that all childcare fees and snack charges are non-refundable.

Preparations for using day care
□ Member’s card
□ Water bottle containing water or tea. (Not any sugar-containing drinks)
□ 2-3 sets of extra clothes, including underwear
□ Diaper, baby wipes – necessary number (Please put your child’s name on each diaper)
Plastic bags (marked with child’s name) for used diapers
□ Two bath towels for nap (fleece or cotton blankets are available) Size: over 70×120cm
□ Shoes and socks for outdoor activities and emergency evacuation in case of natural disaster.
*As we have outdoor activities, please dress your child in easy-to-move and washable clothes, as well as comfortable shoes.
Please do not use sandals or boots as they are not suitable for outdoor activities.
Please avoid hooded or/and string attached clothes and tights.

For lunch (from 11:30- )
□ Lunch Box
□ Hand towel or napkin
□ Apron for meal (if necessary)
□ Spoon, Fork, Chopsticks

For snack (from 14:30- )
* We offer snacks for older children who do not have any food allergies. (100 yen/day charge)
* Babies under the age of one and children who have food allergies are required to bring their own snacks. In that case, please avoid bringing snacks such as chocolate, candy, gum, gummi candy.

* If your baby drinks formula, please prepare milk formulas and bottles as necessary.

Preparation requests
* Please write child’s name on all belongings, including shoes and socks.
* Lost property will be kept for 1 month.
* Please bring the child’ favorite item if she/he likes to sleep with it.

Our responsibilities
1.About infectious diseases
Please understand that it is impossible to completely prevent the transmission of infections in a group care setting. If we identify an outbreak of infection, we will notify you as soon as possible.
2. About injuries and development of fever
Please understand that children may receive small injuries even though we take all possible care and carefully monitor their activity.
If we find your child has a temperature over 37.5 ℃ or injury while at our facility, we will call your emergency contact number first, but if we can’t catch you or in a serious emergency situation, we will take your child to a medical institution under our own decision.

* Please check your child’s health condition carefully before coming to the facility. We ask you to refrain from coming to the facility if there is any uncertainty about the child’s condition.
We ask you to inform us of your child’s body temperature and health condition every morning. If you find something different from usual, please let us know.
* For safety reasons, we do not give medicine to children. But we will administer medicines if absolutely necessary for the child’s wellbeing. In such cases, please submit both Dosing Instruction issued by a clinic, and a Dosing Request form issued by our facility. This includes administering insect spray or sunscreen cream for your children.
* Before accepting a child back to the day center, we might request Proof of Recovery, issued by a clinic, if your child has had an infection disease.

Drop-off and pick- up
1. Only parents or registered guardians can drop-off and pick-up children. We do not accept minors to drop-off and pick up children as a precaution against crimes or accidents.
2. In the event that an unregistered person drops off or picks up your child, please let us know in advance. In such cases, we ask the person to bring ID.

3. The facility does not have parking. Please use nearby paid parking.

We are obliged to your understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
*Short time stay: possibly up to 3 hours, either in the morning or afternoon.
Prevent from eating lunch or snack at Coco-Happy
*Please refrain from coming when the child or family members have any symptoms such as:
– fever over 37.5 ℃
– respiratory organ symptoms like a cough, a sneeze, sore throat or breathlessness
– bad physical condition
Cancellation fee won’t be charged. Please cancel as early as possible.
*We don’t provide snacks for the time being. Please bring if necessary (only in the afternoon).
* Please drop-off and pick-up children at the door. Parents or registered guardians may not enter the room. Please wear mask and use hand sanitizer at the door when entering.